Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mary... 2011 Senior

Hey folks... sorry I'm lagging so far behind in my blogging. It sort of went by the wayside during my very busy July-November season, which then led into Christmas and Jackson's 8th birthday in January.

I've tried in the past to sort of keep my posts in order by session, but I think I'll just go ahead and randomly post some photos from last "season" to keep this place alive.

Mary is a 2011 MCC Senior and is a spunky, artsy, full-of-life girl. She's a top-rated Forensics member, a sporty cheerleader, and a free-spirited artist, not to mention that she rocks out both acoustic and electric guitars. Talk about a multi-talented chick! Check out some of my favorites from her fall session:

We started off at the old school in downtown Scottville. I thought the school and the old desk I had bought awhile back would be the perfect setting for Mary in her cheer uniform.

We then traveled to West Shore and used their beautiful pond area as part of Mary's outdoor session.

Then it was time for a little urban action in Ludington.

You may have noticed that in the past year or so, we've had some "gang" activity in Ludington. (I say "gang", because, I'm sorry, but the thought of a gang in Ludington sort of cracks me up. What do they call themselves... the Beach Bums?)

At any rate, they've been leaving their mark all over downtown, vandalizing buildings that hard-working Ludington citizens have purchased for business use. When Mary and I saw such markings on one of the buildings we were using, we decided to turn it into something more positive. So, behold... Mary, the non-gang princess!

It was nearing dark at that time, so we packed our stuff and headed for the studio

where Mary channelled a rebellious rock star for the remainder of her session.

Many thanks to Mary for being such a great sport and being willing to try some "off-beat" things during her session, AND to Mary's mom, Becky, for bringing her to me and being such a wonderful person. Thanks ladies!

My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am." ~ Joan Jett


Momma Fargo said...


Those are amazing photos! How fantastic of you to capture her senior year in such statements. You rock! And so does she. Mary is a beautiful girl.