Friday, February 12, 2010

Monson Photography SENIOR AMBASSADOR search!

Monson Photography is currently scouting for 2011 Senior Ambassadors!

If a teen you know is currently a junior in high school and will graduate in 2011, they are eligible to apply. Please read the FAQ below and pass this information on to someone who might be interested.

If you refer an applicant to me and I chose them to become a Senior Ambassador, I will send you a $10 Wal-Mart gift certificate! (Please instruct the applicant to write your name and phone number on the “How did you hear” section of the application.)

Why would I want to represent Monson Photography?

I enjoy creating a unique session for each senior and love the challenge of trying to get even the quietest of teens to come out of their shell and show a little personality for their senior portraits.

Though I am always sure to capture many “traditional” portraits, I love to get creative with my seniors and set them apart from the crowd a bit. I am not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure every senior receives awesome photos. Snowmobiling, bass fishing, two-tracking, guitar playing, horses, or sports… whatever your passion is, I will find a way to embrace it in your photographs, and believe it or not, we will have FUN doing it!

What’s a Senior Ambassador?

A Senior Ambassador would act as a representative for Monson Photography, distributing referral cards to other high school seniors.
They should be outgoing, photogenic, and willing to approach their peers in regard to senior portrait sessions. It is preferable that they participate in at least one extracurricular activity, even if it is not a school-funded program.

What would the expectations be?

As a Senior Ambassador for Monson Photography, I would expect you to show up and give 100% at your session and try your best to enthusiastically refer other seniors to Monson Photography.

If you are selected, I would invite you to my studio for a session in March/April, so that your referral cards would be ready in time for you to begin handing them out with plenty of time before the end of the school year.

We’ll do an additional, outdoor session during the spring, summer, or winter – your choice. As the 2010 – 2011 school year continues, I would ask that you continue to hand out referral cards.

I would also encourage you to utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to refer other seniors to my website.

That’s it!

What’s in it for the Ambassador?

In exchange for their services, the Ambassador would receive a few “perks”, such as:

 A discounted Senior Portrait Session – Only $75 for Ambassadors!
 15% discount on portrait orders (excludes graduation announcements/invitations)
 Longer session times, additional wardrobe changes, and more proofs to chose from
 No travel fees for Manistee locations
 20 wallet-sized photos
 $100 cash for every 5 referrals that book and pay for a session
 A special graduation surprise from Monson Photography

How do I apply?

You may apply by copying and pasting the questions below into an email and send it to Please be sure to attach a semi-current photo with your application.

Applications are due no later than February 26, 2010.

Senior Ambassador Application...

2011 Senior Ambassador Application





How did you hear about Monson Photography?

Have you thought about what locations you might want for your senior portrait
session? (List)

What type of clothing do you typically like to wear? Dressy? Or more casual; jeans/tee shirt?

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Are you outgoing? Shy? What types of music do you like? Do you like to be indoors or outdoors mostly? What are your plans for after high school? (Whatever you can think of!)

Please list any sports and/or extracurricular activities you’re involved in, including church activities if applicable:

Other hobbies:

Please tell me why you want to be a Monson Photography Senior Ambassador, and why
you feel you could do the job:

Do you honestly feel you would be able to approach other seniors and encourage them to use Monson Photography for their senior portraits?

Would you be available for a partial session in March?