Friday, December 11, 2009

Project 365, Day 324 (11/20/09) Photographic Memory

I was going through some drawings today that Jackson had done in class and was astounded by the amount of detail he'd drawn into them. In three seperate pictures, the scene was in our living room, and he'd sketched everything from the artwork on the wall to the little basket of remotes sitting on a round table next to the couches.

Then I came across this one,

and was a little perplexed. I didn't recognize the area, although it was labeled. So I asked Jackson to tell me about it. He said "It's the hotel restaurant," and proceeded to explain all the details - the cereal, the stacks of bowls, the juice machine, waffle maker, etc.

I was thoroughly impressed, and even more so when I realized he was talking about back in January, when we'd stayed overnight at the Super 8 for his birthday and had the continental breakfast the next morning!

I swear, this child can't remember the names of half the kids in his class after spending several months with them, but apparently he's always taking everything in.

"Every man's memory is his private literature." ~Aldous Huxley


Deb said...

Wow---smart kid!