Friday, October 16, 2009

What to Wear: Senior Guys' Fall/Winter Edition

Most of the same rules apply for guys when choosing their portrait wardrobe.

You'll want to AVOID

- Horizontal stripes
- loud colors/busy patterns
- sleeveless shirts
- shirts with writing/brand names on the front
- clothes that are too tight/too loose/too short/too long

I like to advise my seniors to mix up their looks a little. You are allowed three outfits during your session. Your best bet would be to do two casual/semi-casual outfits and do a dressier outfit for your studio shots.

Casual can mean an unbuttoned shirt over a plain tee, or maybe an untucked, button-down shirt.

You could also do a semi-plain long-sleeved tee, or wear a jacket over a shirt and jeans.

For formal shots, oxford-style button-down shirts are always flattering,

but if you're wearing a button-down shirt already, maybe for your formals you could wear a nice sweater to vary your look.

Whatever you choose, don't stray too terribly far from your comfort zone. Remember, we are trying to capture your personality and style at the present time in your life and want to see the real YOU!