Friday, October 16, 2009

What to Wear: Children's holiday attire edition

Children can be very picky about what they want, or rather, DON'T want to wear. If your darling daughter, for instance, loathes the way a dress feels on her, don't force it. You must decide what is more important - her wearing the dress that you know would look adorable on her, or her being comfortable and at-ease and letting her true personality shine through in her portraits.

As far as their wardrobe goes, you must first decide if you want a playful/casual portrait, or a more dressy/formal portrait.

Some suggestions for "casual" would be...

While your more formal/traditional portraits might consist of items such as...

If mom and dad will be joining in the photo, try to compliment your child's style in a complimentary, neutral color, such as khaki, gray, or black.

Just remember, most importantly, you want your child to be comfortable. Do a 'dress rehearsal' a few weeks before your session to make sure everything will still fit and that your child is ok with wearing it. Nobody wants a crabby Christmas photo because you and Sally had a fight over those striped tights. :)

All images courtesy of Old Navy, GAP, The Children's Place, and Gymboree. Visit their websites and find the holiday wardrobe perfect for your little ones!