Friday, October 23, 2009

Project 365, Day 275 (10/2/09) Yo Ho Ho... a pirate ship cake for Liz!

Two years ago, for Liz's first birthday, I was adament about making her a 3-D castle cake. It took forever, but when it was finished, it was amazing!

Until it started to collapse. When all the king's horses and all the king's men (or a bunch of wooden skewers and lots of frosting) couldn't put my cake together again, I decided if I couldn't "beat 'em", I'd "join 'em." So I gathered up a bunch of little plastic knights from the boys' room and stuck them in the cake. When the guests arrived, I just told them that the Romans had invaded overnight. Everyone had a good laugh over that.

After the castle incident, I denounced any 3-D cakes and stuck to one-layer cakes shaped like various creatures - dinosaurs, pokemon, etc. This year I got brave again and thought I'd try my hand at a 3-D pirate ship, though.

All was going well and I was quite proud of myself until the back end started landsliding before I'd even finished decorating. I tried the skewer trick, but in the end, I was left with a plastic shark and a feeling of deja vu.

Can't say I didn't try! :)

"Guys... didn't you used to have an octopus of some sort?" ~ Me, to the boys, with my head hung in shame


Deb said... shark.

~ dswv ~ said...

Oh well...but it still looked good. Probably tasted great too.