Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall/Winter Family Portraits - What to Wear!

As I have said before, what you wear to a portrait session can make or break your images. YOU are the star of your portraits, and you must choose clothing that accentuates you - not drawing attention away. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable so that you will be at ease during your photo shoot.

You'll want to wear clothing that is simple and tasteful, comfortable and stylish, and flattering to your figure.

You'll want to AVOID...

- White clothing (unless you're doing a sunset beach photo, it's most likely going to make you look washed out)
- horizontal stripes (they may make you appear wider than you are)
- baggy/loose clothing (they may make you appear larger than you are)
- too tight clothing (uncomfortable, unflattering, and limits the poses you'll be able to do)
- sleeveless shirts (not flattering in studio portraits)
- loud colors/busy patterns (takes attention from you)
- clothing with writing on it (draws away attention and dates the portrait)

Dark colors are slimming, and long sleeves work best in the studio. Layers, such as two shirts or a shirt and jacket, add a little dimension and/or texture, in my humble opinion.

Your family's attire should coordinate, but clothing that is TOO "matchy" can also take away from the portraits. Wearing the same color is a good idea; however, it's nice to vary the shades and styles of clothing a little if possible, making sure one color doesn't stand out too much from the rest.

Or you could coordinate with a variety of darker, earthy colors (olive green, chestnut brown, and burgundy, for instance). Maybe throw in a little burst of color with accessories or in the childrens' clothing.

Make sure, especially if you're wearing the same color, that you accessorize to accentuate the indiviuality of each family member. You want to avoid looking like you were all stamped from the same rubber stamp.

If you want to coordinate in black clothing, throw in some grays and/or some accessories instead of going for the all-black look.

or maybe even throw in a complimenting color for a little contrast.

Color is great, too, but you must be careful in how you use it. Again, you don't want to draw attention away from the subjects of the photograph. One way to add some color isby throwing in cute accessories.

Another way to add a little color is to put mix it into your child's wardrobe. Children can break some of the portrait wardrobe "rules", so why not let them? They look great in bright, colorful pieces that compliment their playful nature.

Mom & Dad can compliment the cheerful wardrobe with a darker, complimentary color like black or navy, or even throw a little color on themselves. Just be sure to choose a color that is flattering to your skin tone.

Whatever wardrobe you decide, just remember - comfort!!! It goes a long way and could be the difference between a cranky family and a relaxed family who's ready to have their photos taken! :)