Friday, August 28, 2009

What to Wear: Senior Guys' Edition

Here are a few tips for the fellas out there on what to wear for their senior photo session!

• A standard senior session includes 3 outfits – the one you wear when you show up, and two changes. If you would like more wardrobe changes, please add $15 per change to your session fee. This will include up to an extra ½ hour shooting time allotment above and beyond your three hours, if necessary.

• Can’t decide what to wear? Bring lots of wardrobe choices, and between the two of us, we'll make sure you look your absolute best! You'll want to wear what you normally wear, but "kicked up a notch". Maybe add a hat, belt, etc. Just be sure that the accessory is not so loud that it distracts from you. (Don’t worry… wardrobe choosing time will not cut into your 3 hour time allotment.)

• Hats are great for a few shots, but please don’t wear one to your session and get hat head. You know what I’m talking about. And that hat? I’m not suggesting you bring the sweaty, stained-up one that you wear deer hunting, but if that’s okay with your mom and dad… okay then!

• Mix up your clothing from dressy to casual – Fun stuff you’d wear to hang out with friends (jeans!), and something sophisticated that will work well for sending a photo in with your college applications. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a jacket and tie (please don’t come in looking like a banker and wanting to jump off a cliff because mom made you), but maybe a button-down shirt or something. Vary the styles – maybe a button-down shirt for formals, a tee with an open button-down and jeans, and another casual outfit. Be sure to run your choices by mom and dad, or you might end up with photos you love that they won’t order for you.

• Be sure to bring along shoes to match each outfit. If you come in wearing a suit and tie but you’ve got your Nikes on, I can’t help you out there. Make sure your shoes are somewhat clean, too!

• Try your clothing on in advance to be sure it fits comfortably and is flattering. Maybe those pants fit you last year, but this year they have the potential to be “he-capris”, and neither of us want that. Make sure each piece of clothing is clean and wrinkle-free. Carry your clothing on hangers to avoid them looking like you just dragged them out from under your bed when you arrive. If you are bringing accessories for specific outfits, I recommend putting the accessories in a Ziploc bag and hanging it on the hanger so that you can change more quickly.

• Regarding clothing colors; white is not actually the best color to wear, indoors or out. It tends to create a washed-out look at times. (I would, however, recommend white for sunset beach photos.) Dark colors are slimming and are perfect for studio shots. If you are having photos taken outdoors, wear a solid color or something with a splash of color to it for a nice contrast in your photos. Bring a variety of colors – not 3 blue outfits. The backdrops I currently offer are: black, blue, wine, brown, grey, and blue/brown.

• Avoid horizontal stripes, loud patterns, sleeveless shirts, and shirts with writing on the front. Remember…those labels that are cool now, may not be so much ten years from now. Solid colors work best; especially for studio portraits. We want the clothes to accent you; not the other way around.

• Do not wear baggy clothing that may give the appearance that you are larger than you really are.

• Do not wear tight clothing that you are uncomfortable in, as you may not be able to do certain poses this way.

• Remember that during outdoor sessions in particular locations, there may not be a place for you to change your clothes, so plan accordingly (wear clothes that you can layer).


Deb said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing.