Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365, Day 198 (7/16/09) Just when you least expect it.

Tonight as Liz was in the bath tub (in a whopping 2" of water...don't call CPS on me!), I was around the corner putting clothes away in her room. I could hear her playing, and therefore thought she was fine.

When I finished, I went back into the bathroom and caught her taking a drink of soapy water from a shampoo bottle. I immediately took it away and looked on the label for any caution info, but there was none. Same online. So I had no other choice but to call Poisen Control.

Luckily, she was fine, but she sure gave us a scare! And of course I felt awful for almost letting her hurt herself.

But let me add, I was a mother for nearly eight years and never once did I have to call P.C. until this girl came along. We had an incident when she was about a year and a half old, where she found a silica packet in a shoe box, bit it, and about gave me a heart attack. Thank goodness it's not toxic, though it is a choking hazard. I found this out from Poisen Control as well.

So...great. We're on their "frequent callers" list.

“As soon as there is life, there is danger” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson