Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 365, Day 156 (6/5/09) Picklin' Party

Our friends Dave had a "pickling party" today to can an absurd amount of pickled asparagus.

I didn't join them til later in the evening, but it seemed like quite a process!

Marc and the kids had been there all day and I came later to find them breaking child labor laws,

but the kids seemed to be having a pretty good time in the process,

and made for good entertainment, too.

They even helped Tonia with chores... each taking turns feeding their calves.

Liz was especially amused by the kitty, who kept trying to sneak in a few laps of milk.

Tonia managed to talk Jackson into letting a cow "nurse" on his finger, which he thought was hysterical,

but nothing compared to having to wrangle those little buggers back in their pens when they escaped later!

Tomorrow is our trip to the zoo, and I doubt the kids'll have as much fun there as they did today!

"When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose?" ~Author Unknown


Deb said...

How fun for the kids.

Child labor laws (snerk!) welcome to life on the farm....not sure child labor laws apply there (lol)

Did you take any pickled asparagus home??? I've never had any...not sure I want to try.