Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project 365, Day 121 (5/1/09) What do these things have in common?




If you guessed that they're all accessories to my new SB-600 Speed light that's on it's way, you're right!

Next question:

Which one of these items is going to get me pointed and laughed at?

If you guessed the one that I have to INFLATE... you're right again!

If you want a little chuckle, read the reviews on this item at Amazon.

Such as:

"This device works well on close up portraits I encounter on the job. The problem is you look like a fool blowing up this odd looking thing prior to taking your shot. If you can get past this, you can make this goofy thing work well for you."

"You do look like a moron while inflating this thing. But then you get a BIG diffuser that took no space in your bag. As lawyers say, 5 minutes of disgrace is worth it."

"Apart from having to blow it up - which gets you the odd wierd look - this is a brilliant piece of equipment!!"

"I can't promise I won't laugh at you when you blow that thing up." ~ Deb Thompson, Photographer, Friend, and Pessimist of all things inflatable


deb thompson said...

Bwaa ha ha...i can't believe you posted my comment. LMAO!!! Well, honestly, that's going to look goofy. However, if it works I'll be looking goofy right next to ya. You MUST take some with and without photos so we can see the amazing difference.

btw, i'm leaving the pessimist of all things inflatable portion of your post alone ***snerk***