Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365, Day 100 (4/10/09) Kitty cop-out

I know, I know... I didn't want to search the house for a subject today, so I just copped out and took photos of the cat. Isn't she adorable, though?


I suppose now is a good time to share with you the story of how Chloe came to be part of our family.

Last summer, Marc came down with a horrible case of food poisening. He was down & out for about a week before he could leave the house. When he finally felt like he was well enough to run into town for more juice, popsicles, etc., he left and went to Shop 'n Save.

It just so happened that Liz was sick that day with an ear infection or something of the sort, and I'd stayed home with her because Marc wasn't well enough to care for her just yet. I was cuddling with Liz in the living room when Marc returned. I heard his footsteps in the kitchen, then he said, "You're either REALLY gonna love me, or REALLY gonna hate me."

Liz and I both turned to see him holding this tiny ball of white fur with two of the brightest blue eyes sticking out of it. Liz's face immediately lit up, at which point there was no going back.

Marc said that the two elderly women who had innocently sat outside the grocery store with the 'free kittens' sign while conning him into taking the kitty home would be "there for another half an hour" and he could "bring her back". Yeah. Right. As if for one minute those two broads didn't high-tail it out of there the minute he was out of the parking lot!

Between the sick kid and a sick hubby who, in effect, wasn't much help all week, I wasn't quite up to taking care of a kitten on top of that. But when Liz began to play with the little furball and I held her little purring body in my hands, I began to soften. Yeah, sure... she IS cute... and the kids will love her...and Scooter will have a playmate. So I began to warm up to the idea of another animal in the house.


That's when we noticed the fleas.


Lots of them. And we tossed the little fleabag outside in a carrier. $125 worth of flea medication later, and we were the proud owners of a flea-free kitty. What a fun day that was!

"No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens." - Abraham Lincoln


~ dswv ~ said...

She is beautiful.

Deb said...

Adorable kitty :)