Monday, February 2, 2009

Life. And Death. (1-26-09 post)

Tonight I busied myself packing up my equipment to drive across the state for a very special photo shoot. My cousin Bill and his fiance Amy were blessed with beautiful twin girls on New Year's Day and were giving me the honor of photographing them.

At around 11 PM I received a call from my sister, saying that our beloved Grandpa had passed away. Though Grandpa was really never in the greatest health, he always hung in there one way or another, so hearing of his death came as quite a shock. He would've been 83 next month.

Grandpa was a quiet, gentle man, but like my sister put it, "Sometimes with Grandpa, it wasn't what he said; it was what he didn't say." He was a good man. He leaves behind a wife, three sons and their spouses, nine grandchildren and FIFTEEN great-grandchildren. The time we were given with him will forever be cherished, and he will forever be missed.

My grandparents had been married for 63 years and had survived through Grandpa's many health problems, Grandma's cancer, and a house fire, among other things. I spent a lot of time at their house as a child. They would never say 'no' to me visiting. There was never a shortage of love or ice cream from Twisty Freeze in their home. Grandma and Grandpa taught me what a marriage was and what it meant to be patient and loving to one another.

I made the three-hour trip across the state Tuesday morning to be with my family. My truck was still loaded up and Marc made me take my Nikon. He told me to do the photo shoot; he thought it would be good for me. I didn't think it would happen, but I still wanted to meet the babies, and when I saw them, I couldn't resist taking a few photos. Those will be posted at a later date.

"God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled." ~Author Unknown